About Us

David Lee Brewer

My wide-ranging education and diverse professional experiences have prepared me to find the true voice in every singing student, to see to their musical development, and to equip them for life as a professional singer.

My formal university and conservatory studies included not only vocal and musical training under outstanding teachers, but also advanced courses in psychology and pedagogy. My lifelong study of human behavior has led me to unique understanding of the singer’s psyche.

David Lee Brewer

Therefore Brewer International’s aim is to help all students to self-knowledge. In doing so we collaborate with Dilruba Saatci, life coach extraordinaire.

Dilruba Saatçi

Dilruba Saatçi

Dilruba is working since 2006 as an artist-shadow and personal coach at Brewer International. She has developed an impressive client list and concentrates specifically in concepts of body and verbal communication and motivation.

In 2011 she graduated from the Berlin Academy (AHAB), certifying her in personal coaching, stress management coaching, and as an instructor of autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation. (Source: Saatci Coaching)



Alan Behr & Kai Jüdemann

Every artist eventually needs a great lawyer on his side. I maintain trusted legal representation by Alan Behr, partner at Phillips Nizer in New York City (www.phillipsnizer.com) and Kai Jüdemann, CEO of  Jüdemann Rechstanwälte (www.ra-juedemann.de).