David Lee Brewer
Vocal Coach

I believe that every human being possesses a unique voice with potential, but its development depends on numerous factors.


Vocal Coach

I will bring you to the stage

Brewer International, a global player founded in 2004, was developed with one purpose in mind: To find, develop, and deliver the most exciting vocal talents to the professional world of music and performance. Our guiding belief: “I will bring you to the stage.”

Almost everyone I know
would like to be able to sing

The voice itself is so self-evident to us that only its absence, due to hoarseness or a cold for example, makes us aware of it. The apparently simple process of speech is in reality a highly complex act that involves the lungs, vocal cords, oral and nasal cavities, the lips as well as the jaw, teeth, ears and eyes, and of course the brain. One has to become aware of this exact complexity first before finding iconic success — the common most sought after thing all of my students seek.

The voice is an instrument of speech, but it is also used in song. As my pupils' mentor and teacher I am concerned not only about the application of technical and musical knowledge, but also about the student's holistic personality.

Singing was my talent,
but teaching is my gift

 I recently said in an interview for the German newspaper Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten that “Singing was my talent, but teaching is my gift. While I continue to sing on the greatest opera and concert stages of the world my life would not be complete without teaching.

David Lee Brewer

Equip and Not Cripple

My early interest and studies in the psychology of human behavior have combined with my knowledge of vocal technique to good advantage in my voice studio. I assess my students’ intellect, as well as their resolve. I accept pupils knowing that one day they must go out and conquer on their own. It is necessary to equip them and not cripple them.

I breathe with them, and I cry with them

Tears are inevitable when young singers’ protective shields begin to crumble. And I rejoice with them as they set their emotions free and conquer their fears. I help them to identify their feelings through micro-expression techniques and I guide them to understand how to display human emotions in singing.

Above all I give them tools they will need for life, both in their professional and their private lives. This requires self-introspection.

David Lee Brewer Teaching

David Lee Brewer Teaching


My goal with every student is to help them to self-knowledge. Lost integrity can be regained but only through honest self-introspection and if they aren’t successful at this task maximum success will be minimal.  It becomes necessary to aid them in finding a place for the victim of their past. A singer must live in the present to have a future.  Emotional requirements of the profession will demand it.

Be better than I am

As my pupils’ teacher, mentor, and musical advisor, I often know them much better than they know themselves. That is my job.

Subtle — and not-so-subtle — approaches are needed to nudge the student of singing towards emotional and vocal freedom. Ultimately, I want my singing students and my protégés to be better than I am, and I hold nothing back.

David Lee Brewer Teaching

So you wanna be famous?

David Lee Brewer Teaching

My belonging to the upper echelon of the music business has its advantages. “So you wanna be famous?” I ask my singers. And then I tell them the truth.

That truth being that most times it is a very lonely business; it has been known to break even the best of them. I tell them two things about it:

  1. I tell them that it is one of the most thrilling rides they will ever have the opportunity to experience.
  2. Although thrilling, it can be an unforgiving and cruel business. It takes a disciplined mind and well balanced spirit to survive the power plays.

And still they want in.

My Journey

And so it was with me. Singing was indeed my God-given gift.

But it took many capable and reliable mentors to help me on my journey from a talented amateur singer to a successful professional tenor.

Have I made a difference?

Everything that I have ever wanted to do in life, I have achieved. I do not say this with arrogance or braggadocio, because I am aware that my successes signify blessing and grace. Not everyone has the unique opportunity of having their dreams become reality. God and the universe have been great to me but at some point each of us will face the inevitable question of significance. “Why are we here?”

For me this question has become even more poignant— “have I made a difference”?

David Lee Brewer Teaching

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