Kelendria (Kelly) Rowland

Kelendria Trene Rowland

Kelendria (Kelly) RowlandPop/Soul Star | Universal/Motown Records USA


When I auditioned Kelly in summer 1990, her voice was tiny and exquisitely beautiful. In the beginning it was full of air and so small that I had to nearly stand in her mouth to hear her, but it possessed a natural tearfulness and pathos.

My goal was to teach her to respect and love her voice—really love it. I wanted her to be able to say to herself that her voice was the most beautiful sound she had ever heard. This is crucial in building a real singer. If a singer does not have love and passion for singing and the sound, my work is futile.

The very first thing I did with Kelly was teach her to speak. Speak you say? Yes, speak. She read out loud to me, and I asked her to elongate all the vowel sounds in the words. Overdo it, I said. Her problem was not technical so much as it was a matter of confidence. Kelly had a God-given, naturally placed voice. First awakening her speaking voice, I then helped her to find confidence in her singing as well. Over the years of our work together, she and her voice bloomed to their full BEAUTY.