Liebe Minou

Liebe Minou

Liebe Minou Newcomer Pop/Chanson | Sony Germany


“Liebe Minou” has produced a rare gem titled “Ich” [“I” in German.] Songs about love and loss, with a French chanson twist, she delivers with utter charm. Absolutely delicious, Liebe Minou grabs you the minute you look into her eyes—those big, bright, beautiful eyes.

I met Liebe Minou in Hamburg, her home town, where I conducted a week-long master class. Pleasantly surprised by the talents of the other ten participants in the class, I lost all reason when Liebe Minou took the microphone and began to sing. Forgetting myself and my professional cool, I jumped from my chair and ran to the stage, shouting all the way, “You are a star!” Were you to meet Liebe Minou you’d quickly understand how my slip of the tongue, my unabashed outburst, embarrassed her. But I didn’t care. Her voice was ravishing.

The first thing I asked her was, “Do you hear how beautiful your voice is?” Her slightly red face told me that she didn’t. Taking her by the hand, I directed her to a corner of the room and conducted her entire session in that corner, with her back to the audience. You see, she loved singing, but I instinctively knew that she cared too much about what her audience thought of her. She had to learn to go into another sphere, what I call ”the zone.” For this, the performer can heed no distractions. Tears began rolling down her face as she heard her voice for the first time. I mean, really heard it.

She will never be the same. On that day a new Liebe (meaning love) Minou (meaning Kitty) was born. Now the love she feels for the music can be shared with her audience. She has learned to see them and they see her!!! They really see her. Wow…what a rare treat.