Frida Gold

Frida Gold

Frida GoldPop Stars/Band | Warner Music Group, Germany


Alina Süggeler, the beautiful and sexy-voiced singer who guides the electronic sounds of her band Frida Gold, has a gigantic talent. Singing mostly in German, she likes to mix things up a bit and has become somewhat of a fashion goddess in Germany.

I met Alina and began teaching her at the request of her manager, Konrad Sommermeyer. As he put it, “I have signed a great band to Warner Music and the singer is gorgeous. Have you heard of Frida Gold?” he asked. No, I hadn’t—yet. But let me tell you, when I did hear her, I was sold. She had amazing sex appeal, an unforgettable presence and aura, and an angelic sound. Although the sound was extremely well placed and full of energy, I sensed she was holding back. I was correct. Apparently some doctor had told her that she had a vocal cord problem. First of all he was flat wrong, and secondly, I knew I could help her find her way to international success. She had the stuff stars are made of: Discipline, Tenacity, Voice, and Willpower.

Agreeing happily to work with Alina, I said, “Monday we have an appointment with my throat doctor.” That meeting proved to her that she hadn’t so much as a blemish on her cords. The news freed her to sing, really sing, and one year later she began to take Germany by storm.

Frida Gold singles topped every German chart, and England came a-calling. Today she is writing and recording with Mary J Blige’s producers, as well as Guy Chambers (England’s hottest producer). She’s making it on the international scene, and her next album promises to please. Oh…and her voice…is no longer held back. She shines and it is going to drive her all the way to the Grammys one day. My beautiful Diva!! I adore her.