Artistic Development

At Brewer International, artistic development means the development of the entire package. Through my holistic approach, I derive enormous satisfaction from helping all my students to achieve the self-knowledge that will give them power over their professional, and their personal, lives.

All music teachers, whether of piano or violin or accordion, must have exceeding understanding of human physiology and psychology. No music teacher needs such knowledge more than the voice teacher, who is training the body itself to be the instrument. Who is the student who stands before me? What makes him tick? Why does she carry herself with this body alignment? How can I help her to identify her fears? How can he sing with more emotional freedom? How can I encourage my students to breathe in the most supportive and supported manner? How are they getting in their own way?

My goal is to equip my singers, not to cripple them. I want my singing students and my protégés to be better than I am, and I hold nothing back. I breathe with them, I cry with them, I rejoice with them as they set their emotions free and conquer their fears. I help them to identify their feelings through micro-expression techniques and I guide them to understand how to display human emotions in singing. A hallmark of my students and protégés: Their singing finds the hearts of their listeners like an arrow from the archer’s bow.

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