I am always disheartened when I hear a voice in disrepair. By the time a pupil comes to me for vocal coaching any number of issues may have surfaced. On the other hand, having success in dealing with “problem voices,” I also have had many students who come to me with healthy but immature voices. To the most frequently asked question, “How do I transfer the ideas I have in my head to my singing?” I reply, “Think it, put it on your face, and then sing it.”

That sounds like a simple, even simplistic, notion, but believe me it is not. It actually describes a complex process, which takes years to master. My job is to help all singers—healthy or troubled—to develop a solid technical approach so that they can achieve consistency and what I call “at will” singing. When they have mastered this complex process, their singing and performing will look and sound effortless. I have helped more than sixty singers find a professional music home and have developed many pop stars on both sides of the Atlantic.