Leonoor Rinke de Wit

Leonoor Rinke de Wit

Leonoor Rinke de Wit Alternative Pop


Lessons with David Lee Brewer are not just singing lessons, they are a quest! I want the songs that I write to be as honest and truthful as possible. David says that I have to understand that the beauty of them is in the harmony between voice and Piano. Working with a teacher like David helps me express my truest of emotions which can be scary. He has a way of making them personally accessible. This does not undermine the fact that his lessons are a constant confrontation with myself, and are a road of obstacles that I have to overcome again and again leading to tears of frustration, but also to cries of victory! Furthermore, David is a master in technique and he teaches me how to employ control, practice, and understand my voice. He taught me how to control my breath and how to connect with the center of my body, and hence, who I am. He can point out things that will instantly lead to a drastic change in sound and leave me thinking: why didn’t I ever come up with that?

Since his lessons my songs keep on gaining deeper layers of thought, making them more valid. I cannot just rely on the text, even if it has a catching theme; is the song funny, happy, or sad, and how do I sing that?

Altogether, David’s sincere way of listening to my music brings me to thoroughly understand the simple beauty and power of music. With his bright enthusiasm and sharp constructive, though undeniable criticism, he helps me form healthy rhetoric to explain the craft of composing and performing, understanding and feeling, or laughing and crying--which all form the basis for a real musical future.