Bridie June Rack

Bridie June Rack

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I began my professional career as a Dancer with a natural singing ability and through studying with David over the past years I have also become a great singer with a distinctive sound.

Unlike other vocal teachers, David thoroughly understands the posture and extreme physical demands of a Dancer and the importance for a Singer/Dancer to be able to perform both skills to the highest quality simultaneously, without one or the other being hindered. His method has allowed me to confidently sustain all of my dance technique, facility and most importantly my center, and also to understand how to successfully work with my center, as opposed to compromising it, to develop a strong vocal ability & top all-round performance.

David's lessons are invaluable to me, they are focused, hard work, fun and mostly conducted A'Capella so also unlike most other vocal teachers, he is undistracted and hears absolutely EVERYTHING, he demands a lot, but it is an extremely gratifying process.

David gives fantastic guidance not only technically but interpretation & performance wise and has guided me to become a versatile, unique & authentic Artist and has played a huge role in enriching my career for which I am truly grateful.